David maybe Eli’s, but for tonight’s "dare," everyone will be sharing themselves. "Toying" with Coda, he submits to a spanking and, "I’ll take the dildo." As the dong slides in Coda, looks like everyone starts to "play." "Open that hole," demands Eli while he works that boy, hard. Wanting the real thing, David goes in and the bottom is soon spit-roasted; they don’t call him "Filthy" for nothing. Bending over Coda while he thrusts, even David has a taste for Santiago’s meat. Eli gets into the "eating business" as well while his bae jerks above Coda. Blowing on Coda’s back, David releases a nice warm load. Santiago then cums right into Eli’s "hungry mouth." Offering the pair a place to rest, Santiago and Coda take the room, but get little sleep in next week’s update.

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