These two young men start by kissing and making out on the park bench and getting familiar with each other’s body with roaming hands. After some intense kissing and making out, Ceaser decides to take it to the next level and make out with Gilbert’s cock. Off come Gilbert’s pants and he leans back spreading his legs. As Ceaser sucks, we hear Gilbert say "suck harder" and Ceaser turns up the suction. Getting each primed, pumped and ready for the main show, they lay down on the blanket with Ceaser on his back as Gilbert works his cock into Ceaser’s tight ass. Gilbert starts off slow and builds momentum. Once he finds his rhythm and Ceaser obviously starts enjoying getting his ass pumped, the cameraman moves behind Gilbert for a shot and we get to see Gilberts beautiful ass. Watching his ass muscles flex with each thrust, those beautiful soft plump cheeks, WOW! If you love to rim as I do, and with an ass like that to dive into, you need to remember to come up for air! Download the Full Video at

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