James Masahiro is 6’2" and one of his fantasies is to have sex with a boy taller than he is. Well James, meet our sexy young "tall" white boy named Richard Jordan. The two of them start out on the balcony kissing and getting to know one another. Taking James pants off, Richard performs a little oral action on James already hard cock through his underwear before shedding him of those. Once the underwear come off, we see James has a nice set of balls to adorn his "suck"ulant cock. As the camera zooms out, we see Richard adorning a nice hard cock through his jeans while sucking James. With both of these hot studs ready to get down to business, James grabs for the raincoat and works his cock into Richards tight ass in true missionary style. The camera zooms in to get some great close up action and we get a front row view of James billy button piercing (sexy). James is so turned on and gets close to cumming multiple times and we have to stop shooting to let him calm things down. Now laying down on their side, James slips in the backdoor while Richard tugs on his own cock and we hear him start panting and moaning as he gets close himself. Download the Full Video at AsianBoyNation.com

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