Signing up for a solo, the videographer said he would walk me through it; I do like a helping hand. Pulling on my cock through the towel, I play with my nipples then tug. As the guy runs the camera, I go under the towel and jerk; my cock is throbbing. Displaying what we all enjoy, he then strokes my cock and slaps it against my stomach; yes, I’m both big and thick. Stretched out on the bed, I feel a helpful finger pump at my hole; I lift my legs so he can maneuver easier. With his skill so arousing, I come close, and then move to the side of the bed. Together we work on me as he keeps the camera zoomed in. Pumping my hips, I blow a load on my groin; my cock goes flaccid to recover. I do hope he was honest in inviting me back with some of the other hot models, they’re all so sexy. My name is Jo and at 23, I’m looking for a guy with a nice smile and big cock.

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