Needing to fuck, I pick up Toshiya and return to my apartment. Collared and leashed, he goes on all fours and presents his hole. Pushing my thick cock into him takes some time and lots of lube; this boy is really tight. Once I hear him squeal, I know I’m in; I rev up the thrusts then flip Toshiya onto his back. Giving him a break, we kiss a bit before I slide back in. Going faster, I pound his boy pussy; I can feel Toshiya’s hole wrap around my thick shaft as he milks me. Close, I pull out and blow on his groin; I needed that release. Toshiya strokes himself while I play with his sensitive nipples. Moaning about how much he liked my fucking him, the boy streams up to his chest; damn, what a load. The top in this kinky film was Hikaru.

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