It’s so hot when guys from different ethnicities come together; of course just seeing them cum is a treat in itself. These two hotties are Shisone Nagasaki and Clinton James. They are both sexy and horny from the start. By the time Shisone sucks Clinton’s cock, it is up and raring to go, in Shisone’s mouth, that is. Face fucking the Asian boy, Clinton relishes the warm wet mouth. With Clinton’s reciprocity, Shisone is ready to share the love; that’s amore. Inverting Clinton into a jack hammer position, then missionary, Shisone is all up in Clinton’s business, as well as his hole. The dirty talk between these twinks is explicit and plentiful, just the way we like it; may have to use one of these lines next time I’m "spelunking." Clinton’s low hangers cover at least half his cock while he’s on his back, and dangle to the ground once he’s put on all fours. Back on his back, Clinton jerks to orgasm and sprays the pool’s deck with love; Shisone follows with what I would consider a full "white out" blowing "eyeward" onto Clinton. The bottom then crawls to the water to splash off the fun, but finds that Shisone’s "love" is meant to last, at least until Clinton can go inside and use some soap; the best things in life do tend to stick! Download the full video here!

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