Tomohisa is 18 and from Chiba, one of the 47 Prefectures of Japan. Chatting, he is single, gay and needs not only money but, more sex in my life. I think this slim hottie will have no problem getting some love here at Very sensual in his movements, I film Tomohisa and get lost in his presence. Undressed, he hangs a leg over the chair as he strokes; looking at his beautiful hole, I am hoping he is a bottom and offer a toy. Helping the boy, I slide it in as he hardens. He then tells me this is the first time he has used a dildo; wow, a newbie to the pleasures of anal play. Tomohisa then continues jerking, speeding up as he gazes at his dick; I cannot look away from those gorgeous eyes and full lips. Close, he tenses his body as I pan down with the camera, and wish it were my hand. As he watches his work, Tomohisa gasps and pools upon his groin; so satisfying. Do give this shy boy some attention, so he will come back and learn more about other activities we have in store for him.

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