Rikki Davis is back with us for this scene. You might not recognize him at first because of the new hair color, but he’s still the horny little twink he’s always been. Notice his "woody" in his swimsuit while sucking Trent Tongo? And speaking of horny little twinks, Trent ranks up there with the best of them. Starting out poolside with the boys, Rikki sucks Trent before Trent hops down in the water and Rikki rides the float while Trent takes his turn sucking a hard cock. A nice fat one. The boys each like to talk dirty while having sex and tell each other "suck that dick" … "that’s it, suck my cock" … "yeah, suck it just like that." Neither of them are in a rush to cum and take a pause from sucking and start eating some ass. They got my "full attention" now 🙂 Rikki starts out rimming Trent’s ass and we hear Trent "fuck yeah, oh yeah" and that’s all it takes to get Rikki "worked up" and he replaces his tongue with his hard raw cock while Trent leans over the side of the pool. That’s one hot fucking ass you got there Trent and even Rikki says "I love your ass" and who wouldn’t? That’s definitely one piece of "prime rump roast." Thanks to the cameraman, we get some great close ups of the action as he zooms in on Rikki’s cock sliding in and out of Trent’s ass. Then from overhead, we get to watch the action from above and hear Trent "Oh yeah, feel so good." The camera breaks way to the next scene with Trent jerking off while he straddles Rikki as he says "I’m cumming" and shoots a nice hefty load all over Rikki. Then it’s Rikki’s turn to reciprocate and gives Trent a nice big facial. This is a hot little video with two hot little asses! Download the full video here!

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