Meeting in person, Chris, on the right, invites Ai over to get to know one another in person. They’ve been chatting on line, but with the help of, they can finally "cum" together. Giggling, Chris is so attracted to Ai, whose name means "love" in Japanese. Equally aroused, Ai sees Chris and the pair connect on all levels. As they undress, down to their underwear, it is obvious that these boys are in for a long hot love making session. Watching Ai’s body respond to Chris’ sensual touch, as he bends and leans into his partner, is so arousing; he uses every inch of his partner to satisfy them both. Taking Chris’ cock into his mouth, Ai breathes in all of the boy’s scent. Caressing his legs while he services Chris, neither boy wants to let go of the other. Chris then pulls Ai under him and begins to orally stimulate what his touch has already ignited. The pair then fold into one another as they 69 on the bed, deepening the bond. We also put in some of the future intimacies of this pair; enjoy all that they do, exploring one another’s body.

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